Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's Do This: 2013 Recap

***Disclaimer: I started writing this post on January 7th, and then life got wonderfully busy. While engaged elsewhere I *may* have forgotten that I did not complete and schedule this post. Pardon my tardiness, and enjoy my ramblings nonetheless.

The year 2013 is well behind us, and I sincerely hope your year was wonderful. I really enjoy reflecting upon the year and all of the triumphs, frustrations, failures, and unexpected surprises that came with it. I explain in this post and this post my semantic argument for using the terms goals and intentions over resolutions, so I won't rehash it here. Truth time: How did you do, Anna?

I started using a wonderful book (which is detailed in a post to come) to help me process through 2013 and have an amazing 2014. Oooff! I'll be honest, 2013 was less prosperous than I would like to admit. However, the year wasn't a giant flaming failure either. There were some awesome moments, as well as awesomely frustrating moments. The book I'm using helped me recognize the major flaw with a number of my goals and intentions-- I left many too large or too ambiguous. I didn't break them down into manageable, actionable tasks. When I was completely honest with myself, I didn't manage my time well either. I will discuss this more in depth in coming posts. The official 2013 tally starts below!
The Not-Quites & Not-At-Alls:
  • Record an album with Mo. Just was not in the stars this year. On the list for 2014! So is learning the ukelele.
  • Me time. I was terrible with this, and often wasted my me time by zoning out with Nexflix or mindlessly scrolling through design blogs. Escapism is not quality time invested in oneself. I have plans for actually tending to myself this year. Massages, facials, time at the beach...ah, yes.
  • Take a vacation. Sadly, Ler and I had a totally incompatible summer schedule. C'est la vie.
  • Watch less, read more. This is embarrassing, mostly because I adore curling up with a book. I started only 3 books in 2013, but did not finish any of them. One of the books was about tapping into motivation- oh, the irony. Again, escapism into the interwebs won out over stimulating my brain and imagination. I have figured out the root cause of my vegetative habits (ha! Pun not intended, but it will stay!) and am working on intentions to reboot my energy.
  • Break the Rules from Time to Time & Create Rituals. Too broad, too vague, and I didn't really keep track of what that meant. 
  • Be More Present in the Now & Today Is Not a To Do List. Much time was devoted to worrying about future "what-ifs," or being absorbed in my list of chores (for work or home). I spent a whole lot of time pouring all of my energy into the never ending laundry list that is my job, frequently becoming very myopic. Never started the journal or sketch book I contemplated in the summer.
  • Stop working by 7 p.m. I have yet to figure out how to leave work at work. I'm not sure it is entirely possible in the teaching profession (without being a lousy teacher or never at home, I guess). However, I have made huge progress in this area. While I don't work all weekend anymore, I still invest a great deal of what should be personal time into my profession. I have gotten better at not requiring everything to be finished 2, 4 or 6 weeks ahead of time. This has made me a smidgen more sane.
  • 20 push-ups. Made it to 10....and then forgot about this one. Clearly important. 
  • Yoga 2-3 times a week. I went in spurts of doing yoga 4-5 times a week, to weeks without doing anything yoga related. To be honest, the 2-3 times was a bit arbitrary. I have specific goals in mind for 2014- like touching my toes, and being able to hold an arm balance.
The Huzzahs: 
  • Write a blog. You are here. Thanks for reading.
  • Draw, Paint, Doodle. I made my Mogget book and stickers, as well as my own holiday cards. Also, I made two little decorative pieces for the apartment.
  • Feather My Nest. Ones home is never static, and our little apartment continues to change with our whims. Over the course of the year it looks quite different, and I am quite happy with the progress.
  • Try New Things. Hot yoga, red hair, therapeutic massage, Mexican wrestling matches, delectable name a few.
  • Clean Eating & Be a Smarter Consumer. An ongoing learning process, never to be completed. I feel that I have made substantial gains in healthy nourishment. 
  • Three Running Events. Fabulous 5k with my Mum and sister. A spectacular half marathon in August, and an improved marathon time in October. I feel stronger and healthier with each event, and feel proud of my achievements. For the first time in my life I feel like an athlete. More miles will be logged this year! Can't wait!
Even though the Not-Quites & Nopes outnumber the Huzzahs, I feel that the things I accomplished were significant. Generally speaking, each Huzzah improved my health, mind or spirit, and I am proud of those. The Not-Quites and Nopes list has assisted my process of developing plans and intentions for 2014. I have learned from that list. From here I go forward in pursuit of an amazing 2014, taking my accomplishments and lessons of 2013 with me.

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