Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Project 52: Week 1

Good morning! I am kicking off the year with a new series: Project 52. Full discretion- not my idea at all. Completely pilfered. The lovely Benita at Chez Larsson gave me the idea for this weekly photo collection. In previous years she documented each day with Project 365 and 366! Very cool, but I know my limit and you, dear readers, are bombarded with enough kitty photos as is. Although Ms. Larsson is no longer updating her blog, you can check out her archives. I recommend that you do. Beautiful, light, and bright pictures of Swedish life in abundance. My "photos" are a Instagrams until I figure out how to use my camera properly.

I will be posting next week a 2013 "Let's Do This" recap and sharing 2014 intentions. I'm bubbling with excitement! Please come back to read and share!
1. Deep chill in Milwaukee. Negative temps created beautiful art on the windows.
2. Paperwhites blooming to spite the cold.
3 & 4. Mogget and Simandl staying toasty. I moved their basket by the radiator, and they do share...sometimes.
5 & 6. New housemates. Because I may have killed my fern over the holidays by not watering it...

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