Saturday, April 13, 2013


This weekend I traveled to Illinois to attend the  Midwest Zine Festival. Not only was it my first time attending a festival like this, I also took the plunge and debuted my first book making project: a small accordion book featuring my cat, Carmen (a.k.a the Mogget) looking her usual pudgy and bored.

One of my 2013 Goals and Getonits was to make some art projects. I used a combination of digital media and good, old-fashioned scissors and glue to make the books. The stickers were hand drawn with pencil and ink. Although I am pleased with how my first attempt at book making turned out, I must admit that the stickers are my favorite. It was so much fun turning the Mogget into a simple doodle. Take a peek!

 Book and stickers awaiting packaging.

Sticker trio.
Also, there will be some more new features on refeathered. Check back in on Monday!
What have you been making lately? Trying anything new?

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