Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Amazing Approach to 2014

In my recap of 2013 I mentioned that I found a wonderful book to help me process through the past year and have an amazing 2014. During this journey around the sun I have Leonie Dawson and her workbook at my side.


Toward the tail end of 2012 my sister, Mo, first mentioned that she was going to use Leonie's Create Your Amazing Year workbook. My initial reaction was this book sounds like (in the words of Mo) total "hippie woo woo" - an adorably illustrated planner.

And then I watched as Mo transformed her life. Entirely. Mind, body and spirit.

Inspired by Mo, I started reading Leonie's blog. She is warm, supportive and has a wicked sense of humor. I like that about her. She is also frank, crass and cusses like a sailor. I really like that about her. Leonie acknowledges that she is not for everyone. I respect her openness and honest self-assessment.


Feeling like I've been treading water for the past two years, I decided to give Ms. Dawson's workbook a try. I was very excited when my copy of 2014 Create Your Amazing Year arrived at my doorstep. As I leafed through the workbook, I began to understand how Leonie had helped Mo with her metamorphosis. It is not just an adorable planner, but so much more. It is not a self-help book in the classic sense, no one tells you what to do. Leonie is your guide. You are the cartographer- you make the map and chart your plans. She asks questions along the way. You provide the solutions.

What impressed me most was before you began sketching your intentions for 2014, Leonie asks you to pause and reflect on 2013. She asks formidable questions, some of which took me days to honestly and completely answer. Closing out 2013 was arduous at times, but very revelatory. I learned from my accomplishments and missteps of 2013 and can proceed with clarity.

In addition to reflection, she asks you think about what you want and what you do not want in your life. Leonie guides you in creating habits, developing strategies for when the spirits wanes, evaluating ones use of time, and so much more.  She assists you in dreaming big, but also helps you break those dreams down into manageable, actionable tasks. Leonie asks and prompts, but never answers the questions. That is for you to discover. Your answers are yours to own.

I've had 2014 Create Your Amazing Year for just under 5 weeks, but I already feel its impact. I am excited, invigorated, hopeful. Even if I achieve only a fraction of my intentions, I will have more momentum than the past two years. Cheers to motion!

How do you approach your plans, intentions, goals- whatever you like to call them? Do you use a guide or go it on your own?

Want your own workbook? Get it here.

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