Friday, December 20, 2013

Homemade Holiday Cards

I've been waiting to share my homemade holiday cards until I was certain my near-and-dears had actually received them. Nothing gives you the warm fuzzies like seeing your mail on the internet first, right? Usually, I buy a box of cards from my favorite local bookshop. Last year was a fabulous Edward Gorey scene depicting the dispatching of unwanted fruitcake. This year I was feeling ambitious enough to make my own.
The cards are of simple design and process, but it was positively pleasant to play around with my watercolors and make something unique for my recipients. Check it out!

Phase 1: Play with painters tape. The border is approximately half an inch around- I eyeballed it. Using a razor blade I cut the tape into 1/4' strips and arranged in different triangle patterns.

 Phase 2: Paint! I used watercolors for a majority of the segments. To add a little extra "merry merry" to the cards I filled in a segment or two with a metallic gold acrylic paint.

Phase 3: Wait patiently for paint to dry. This was the hardest part.

 Phase 4: Remove painters tape. Create gaint, curly tape ball and be overly amused.

 Phase 5: Ooo and ahh at the nearly complete project.
Phase 6: Cut cards apart with razor blade and straight edge. Use a bone folding tool create a firm crease. Pen heartfelt message inside.

Ta-da! I had such a great time making these cards I made a larger scale painting to proudly display in my apartment, which I will share with you in the future. Cheers!

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