Monday, March 31, 2014

Mogget Monday: Helping

Mogget provides assistance with grading papers.

It has been radio silent here for the past few weeks for mainly two reasons:
  1. I was super busy. Not "full of fun adventures" busy,  just plain "swamped at work" busy.  Without rehashing too much, third quarter, which is always full of activity, sapped all my energy this year. All of the events that are usually distributed from late February through March were jammed into a 12 day window. So. Tired. 
  2. Since I run a classy operation here at refeathered, all of my "photos" are taken with my phone. I totally destroyed my phone about 2 weeks ago. I had not backed up any of my more recent images and lost them all. All the Moggets disappeared. Sadness.
I'm enjoying a much deserved Monday off, and lucky for me it is the one nice, warm day in the forecast. I'm off to go wander the city and bask in some sunlight.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Project 52: Week 10

1. Spring blooms!
2. Oh,'s still snowing...
 3. Banana slices...
4. .... that became my first attempt at chocolate banana cream pie. Yum!
5. Balancing out pie with a healthy breakfast.