Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scenes of Summer: Time to Decompress

This week I am out of town for a music education clinic and a dear friend's wedding (congrats Kim!). When I return to Mil-town it's time to get down to business revising the curriculum, reading articles and books, writing essays, designing lessons and projects, and planning concerts. The Lake Geneva Symphony summer series kicks off in July, studio lessons resume, and some family events are also in the mix. Whew!  Knowing that July will fly right by, I made sure to slow down, decompress and savor my week of vacation. Here are some of my favorite moments:

 1. Ler made pretzel rolls to accompany pulled pork. I loved how our whole apartment filled up with the aroma of fresh bread. Nom-noms...
2. Simandl spends some face time with my brother
3 & 4. Father's day at the shore
5. My niece- all tuckered out from playing at the playground and beach
6. Mogget needed to hug it out. Although my niece is good with animals, Mogget is terrified of tiny people. 
7. Post dessert coffee at the park.


8. Breakfast of champions- Boston Cream Pie!
9. A much more sensible lunch. Picnic at the beach with Ler and friends.
10. The view.
11. Sandy.
12. Refreshing rinse.
13. Refueling.
14. Just beat the storm home.

15. Post run breakfast.
16. Gratuitous cat picture.
17. Study fuel
18. Ahoy!
19. More studying- taking in some sun at the marina.
20. Tilapia Tacos at Belaire with Joseph.
21. Although it stormed most of the day, I celebrated the solstice with sun salutations.
22. Joyful noise! Ladysmith Black Mambazo at the Pabst Theater.

How have you been soaking in the summer?

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