Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scenes From My Weekend: Low Key & Lovely




 1 & 2: Cannot put into words how proud I am of my sister! Her first solo show at Grey Matter Gallery
3. Pancakes with Nutella and fresh blue berries. And coffee. Always coffee.
4. Moggers supports my running habit.
5. My sweetheart niece shows me how to blow bubbles and pop them with ones toes.
6. Grades. Done. Must. Go. Outside.
7. About to burst!  
8. Weighed down by beauty.
9. Along the side of my building.
10. Most fragrant lilacs in the neighborhood.
11. Lake front mansion ditches its lawn in favor of vegetables.
12. Sweet, elderly gentleman on a garden wall- poking plants with his cane and critiquing their hardiness.

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