Sunday, June 2, 2013


Although the May weather was not much to cheer about (days and days of rain and unseasonably cold- hoorah for spiring?), the month itself was filled with fun, celebrations, and delightful quiet moments.

1. Grandma blankets and kitty snuggles always improve the mood when one is under the weather.
2. & 3. Pre-show sake and sushi at Umami Moto with my delightful sister.
4. After dinner Mo and I spend an entertaining evening with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. Our view was far better than my lousy photo indicates. I have a long standing fondness for Bourdain- he's such an eloquent crab-ass. However, I must admit to having a new crush on Eric Ripert. How can you not appreciate a man who punches someone "een zee nose" for being disgustingly rude to a waiter?
5. Being a chaise lounge and massage therapist while drinking coffee.

6. & 7.  Channeling Rita Hayworth after a trip to the salon. Being a redhead is fabulous.
8. Sweet little gift left on my desk.
9. Glo-bowl birthday celebration.
10. My darling brother made the most lovely Mothers Day/Mo's birthday brunch. Crab cakes atop sweet potato pancakes, mixed berry salad and champagne with a splash of St. Germaine. Totally indulgent.
11. Brunch was followed up by birthday cake- a six-layer rainbow cake with coconut frosting.

12.  Swan Lake at the Milwaukee Ballet. 
13. My riff on taco dip- Greek dip. One can never go wrong with artichokes, lemon, basil and kalamata olives.
14. The most perfectly fluffy batch of coconut rice pudding (the rainbow cake led to coconut cravings).
15. The. Best. Birthday. Cake. Ever.  My mom is amazing. This little hedgehog was almost too cute to eat. Almost.

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