Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Nest: Small Changes in the Entryway

When I last showed you my entryway it looked like this: 

Not a totally fair representation, since many of the items piled up were destine for donation. Before the Get-Rid-of-Crap-Spring-Cleanathon the entryway actually resembled this on most (winter) days:  

Functional, sure. Since it is the first thing we see when arriving home each day, and is the first impression guests get of our home I wanted to give this area some love.  As I have mentioned in previous My Nest posts, Ler and I wanted to live in our space with the stuff we already had and feel out how each space served its purpose. Some elements were already working super well for us, so we kept:

1. this bike rack. It was one of two things Ler and I did purchase just days prior to moving into our apartment (the other was our sofa- an anniversary present to ourselves for rockin' five years of marital awesomeness). Simply put, this rack rocks! It's the Delta Cycle Michelangelo, which keeps our bikes off the ground by using simple laws of nature. Ler and I both like that the Michelangelo is space efficient and easy to use daily. Since this rack is designed to stay in place with gravity, it does not require a single anchor or screw to fasten to the wall (which will make our wallets happy in terms of security deposit- woot!). 

2. the vintage mirror. Before heading out/arriving home I like to sneak a quick peak to ensure that my hair isn't catawampus or that I have mascara running down my face like this...

3. the bird hooks. Perfectly chipper little guys (or should I say cheeper- ha! I never apologize for a bad pun, deal with it) for hanging frequently used items and guests coats. Just look at them! Total clearance score at JoAnn Fabrics. I think they were marked down to a dollar.


4. the layout. Not that there are a whole lot of options in this long, narrow space, but tucking the bikes and bags into the nook worked well. 

Entryway in progress
What we tweaked:

1. The "shade" on the door.  It actually was a table runner folded over thread I use for making oboe reeds. Oh, the many uses of oboe thread! The need for the shade is not privacy, but the super-bright light in the hallway hangs right in front of our door, which reflects directly off the mirrored bedroom door, which in turn lights up the whole bedroom. Fantastic. Solution: get a real shade. This one. Blocks light, looks nice, easy to install, and inexpensive. Win, win, win, and win.

2. The storage & key drop-off (I dislike the term landing strip- too closely associated with waxing). The cute little cart was actually a plant stand from my grandma's house, and didn't hold much. My sister gladly procured the cart for her home. Solution: use the old bookshelf from the workspace. It's the perfect depth to fit into the nook and holds all of our keys, spare change, sunglasses, hats, mittens, bags and Ler's paniers with room to spare. Enough for Mogget to have a little hideaway.  

Mogget approves
 3. A rug that is long enough for the space, doesn't slide all over, and is easy to clean. Solution: Go shopping! We picked up an 8' 2" sisal rug from Ikea. It meets all of the above criteria, and it feels awesome on our feet. Simandl and Carmen like to rub their paws on it too.

The art situation needs some attention in the future. Glance at the top photo again and you'll notice that current selection is a bit diminutive. I have some prints and painting that haven't found a home yet, and I'm always up for a trip to the thrift shop.

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