Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fancy That Friday: Pretty Pink

I have always had a preference for the colors green and blue. My apartment is a palate of neutrals and verdant shades. Peek in my closet and the story is quite similar...until recently. For reasons unknown, I have recently gravitated toward pink. I think it all started with a pair of champagne colored flats. Then came the softest, most wonderful magenta t-shirt.  Followed by a blush camisole, a rose adorned tank top, carnation and gray plaid pajama pants, and fuchsia running shoes. Enjoy a rosy round-up!

Currently sportin' this electric pink on my toes.

mod square - pinks By Essie 

Rose is a classic scent, but many rose perfumes venture into Meemaw land. Not this one. The combination of rose and bergamot oil is fresh and light.

Imogen Rose Solid Perfume

 Silky and sweet scarf.

 I've been on the lookout for a new summer weather pajama set. This menswear inspired set from J.Crew is a great balance of classic and comfortable.

Vintage short-sleeve pajama set  

Olivka Chrobot models sophisticated pink tresses.


This print by Yellena James. 

This lady makes regular appearances on my running playlist. She is a not-so-guilty-pop-pleasure, in fact I think she is down right bad-ass.

What has you tickled pink lately?

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