Friday, June 21, 2013

Fancy That Friday: Sail Away

My dad grew up in Milwaukee, spending most of his childhood along the shores of Lake Michigan. He loved to sit and watch the sailboats tumble on the waves. He eventually learned how to sail, and helped some family friends maintain and build (!) sailboats.

Although my dad moved inland for a fantastic lady, he made sure his kids experienced the joys of his childhood. I have many fond memories of trips to the beach, hanging out at the McKinley Marina, and feeling the cool lake breeze on the deck of a sailboat. I'm quite certain this is why I really, really wanted to live near the lake- it has always felt like home. 

This weeks round-up is inspired by a relaxing Father's day along the marina.

McKinley Marina

A most wonderfully fluid work by Tobias Tovera

Nautical textiles ahoy!

Not boat shoes, but stripes always win in my book.

Love this stuff.

My dear friend Joseph captured these Michigan moments. His titles made my week.

edge of the earth maritime mess

stinky old shitty bird 2

If my kitties were the outdoor types.

As wee-ones, my sister and I would dance in the living room to this tune. The late 80s were a wonderfully weird time.

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