Monday, February 24, 2014

Mogget Monday: No Room for Compromise

This scene may look sweet & cuddly, but in reality this is a basket brimming with stubbornness. Let me describe the scene for you:
 It's a quiet and sunny morning, the radiators softly hissing while the humans sip their steaming cups of coffee on the sofa. Simandl slinks into the living area from the kitchen, Mogget plods in from napping on the bed, both aiming for the basket bathed in sunlight. Realizing they are both headed toward the ultimate nap location, they pause at the basket and stare intensely at each other. Mogget puts a paw in the basket. Simandl hisses and puts one of her paws in the basket. They stare, motionless, until Simandl puts another paw in. Mogget disapproves and swats her. Undeterred in her quest for the sunny spot, Simandl jumps into the basket and quickly lies down. She looks smug in her triumph. Unwilling to admit defeat, Mogget mooses in and lies atop Simandl. They both grumble and hiss at each other for a few minutes, squirming to get comfy. Then Mogget starts to lick Simandl's nose, and they both purr at a ridiculous volume. They remain crammed into the basket for several hours. Cats be weird.

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