Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Nest: Holiday Decorations

Last year I didn't do much to spruce up my apartment for the holidays. With no plans to entertain, I lacked the desire to do more that slap a wreath on the door and put out a stinky candle on the coffee table. Not so say I was a complete miser- I did help my mother-in-law decorate her home, accompanied my sister to the Nutcracker ballet, wore a sparkly sweater, and was up to my eyeballs in holiday programs and music gigs. Honest.

Even though my entertaining plans are small and limited, I was actually itching to bust out the trimmings back in November. I exhibited some impulse control, waited until after Thanksgiving, and kept the decorations at chez refeathered fairly simple: white, green and sparkly things inspired by nature. While some decorations are clearly Christmassy, I wanted to be able to enjoy a majority of my decorations throughout the winter season.
Take a peak!

 The super fluffy doorman at chez refeathered keeps a watchful eye from a twig wreath adorned with silver and white stars. He'll keep his post until spring arrives.

Atop the bar cabinet sits this little arrangement. The pine boughs light up with LED lights, which make the sparklies even more sparkly. Birds and glass tree courtesy of my mum. 

White, green and sparkly arrangement on the table.

 Glittery pine cones and a twiggy deer keep the lamp company.

White, green and sparkly on the coffee table. The balsam scented candle lightly perfumes the entire room.  Just noticed the exemplary Mogget photo-bomb.
The succulents are totally fake, but were too cute to pass up. I can keep these out all winter, and spring, and summer....
 The tree! I bought this Norfolk pine late this fall, and it seems to really like its spot. It is growing like mad and will probably need a new pot by spring! Since my building is pushing a century in age, we are not allowed to put lights on to any real greenery. I've got a string of lights tucked in the basket underneath the tree, and the up-light adds a nice glow.
 Every tree needs mini disco-balls and snowflakes crocheted by one's mum.

Shimmering flakes and shiny stars catch the afternoon light.

 The tree technically has three tops, so I perched my bird topper in the coziest one.
The ornaments will get packed away in January, but this little guy may hang about longer.

How have you decked the halls this year? 
Do you decorate for the entire winter season, or just holidays?

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