Friday, December 13, 2013

More Pie, Please

Who doesn't enjoy a second helping of pie? Time to move on from crusts to the good stuff- the filling! I can't help but gawk at a well-crafted infographic, and this one takes the, erm, cake?  This pie chart of pies from The Modern Farmer is practical guide to baking with seasonal ingredients. Other than the occasional pumpkin or apple pie in the fall, which I guess is seasonal, I generally do not make sweet pies. Since most of my crust adventures lead to savory quiches, I honestly had not considered a calendars worth of conscientious pie fillings. I found the April Chess pie to be quite clever, a "let's make do" filling to bridge the gap from winter citrus to tender spring strawberries.

Ler is strongly hinting at including a "pie of the month" to my 2014 goals and getonits.
Mayhaps, Ler, mayhaps.
So, what's your pie protocol? Do you consciously bake with seasonal ingredients, or does it just work out that way for you? Or do you make whatever you want whenever you want?

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