Friday, April 19, 2013

New Series: Fancy That Fridays

This week I am starting another series: Fancy That Fridays. Each Friday I will post a round-up of things from the interwebs that just tickled me so. Enjoy!

I am presently fancying:

this tote bag. Mmmm...polka dots. 

this dress. Coral + stripes = yes, please. 

these shoes. Granny chic. That's a thing, right?

this tea towel. Seriously thinking about purchasing one of these. Too cute to use, but certainly a textile worthy of hanging on the wall.

these cookies. Yes, they are labeled as holiday cookies, but chocolate, orange & rosemary are year-round in my opinion.

this print by Kirra Jamison via I just started exploring Ms. Jamison's artist page. It is brimming with brilliant imagery.

this jam. This tune has regular rotation on my running playlist. The new video? Fur hats, pirate ships, huskies, a tuba, and a living room pulled by a pick-up truck. What more could a girl want?

What have you been fancying lately?

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