Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where the hell did it go?

February. It's over already?

February is usually a tough month for me. Winter looses its charm and I grow antsy for the appearance of robins, fat little buds on trees and early sunrises. Usually I feel simultaneously agitated and drained as the bitter cold of February drags on.

I guess my "cure" for the winter blues was to overfill my calendar, shovel endless amounts of snow, get creative in the kitchen, indulge in cupcakes, and contemplate running away with the circus.
And drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

 1. Heart shaped almond scones. Almost too cute to eat. Almost.
2. Snow. 
3.  Coffee and reading materials.
4. More coffee.
5. My view in the symphony. Snapped during dress rehearsal while tacet- not the performance. I do have some etiquette.
6. Symphony Gala
7. Brunch at Cafe Hollander. Bloody Mary with horseradish is possibly my new favorite. Complete with chorizo skillet and hefe weiss chaser.
8. Real live books in the real live neighborhood bookstore.
9 & 10. Kitty sitting Mr. Guy & the tailless wonder.
11. Splitting a chocolate raspberry cupcake with Mo.
12. Circus! 
13. Johnny turns 24.
14. The Mogget celebrates Johnny's birthday with pizazz. 

15. Oh yeah, more snow.

What did you indulge in this month?

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