Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tea Talk: Universal Light

I will freely admit that I am a sucker for the following:
  1. my furry little house mates
  2. anything hedgehog related
  3. most things sparkly, glittery or shiny
  4. soft fabrics and textiles
  5. quotes on tea tags
I'm currently smitten with a number of offerings by Yogi Organic Teas. An added bonus are the little nuggets of inspiration on each tag. I'm not alone in my enjoyment. Take a moment to Google Yogi Tea quotes. Entire blogs and websites devoted to tag wisdom!

Every now and then a quote will tumble around in my head for days. This one came with a cup of Egyptian Licorice:

From my light to yours.
Feel free to click on the image and make it yours. It is wallpaper sized. 

Where do you find little doses of inspiration?

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