Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Gratitudes: Weekend Edition

The weekend was filled with so many wonderful things it was easy to collect a list of all the small moments that brought me joy and contentment.

1. Snow! Pretty, heavy, wet snow blanketed the ground overnight. Just enough to make it pretty, but not enough to make travel painful.
2. Making music with some of my favorite people at McAullife's.
3. My sister loves me enough to endure the shame of ordering a Shirley Temple. The combination of a late night gig and an early morning full of high-strung middle school students at Solo & Ensemble just made ordering Scotch seem like a poor choice.
1.Solo & Ensemble went rather smoothly, minus being a marimba short. Fortunately, I was in a position to remedy the problem. I am so proud of my students!
2. My fortune cookie read: "You deserve a good time after a hard days work." Fortune cookie, you amaze me with your insight.
3. Having my pj's on by 7:00, snuggling onto the couch to with my Ler and kitties to watch Puss in Boots.

1. Walking up to a sunny sky. No alarm clock set. A rarity.
2. Ler made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. His pancakes are super buttery, fluffy, and the man does not skimp of the blueberries.
2. It was warm enough to crack open the windows and let some fresh air into our apartment. Felt good to have a breeze moving throughout the home.

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  1. Tee hee! Never ashamed...I should have ordered one. Oy vey!