Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not giving it up...

I call myself a secular person. I am not anti-religion in any sense, but I do not exclusively align myself with any particular group. However, the Lenten season speaks to me. Six weeks of focused prayer, reflection and alms-giving is a beautiful thing. Some groups perform penance and others include self-denial during Lent. In the past I have given up some thing or another for the season, usually something benign like chocolate or ice cream. This year I will not give up a thing, but I will commit to two practices during Lent.

#1. I am committing to a daily practice of yoga and meditation. The practice of yoga restores my energy through flowing movement and intentional, focused breathing. I find that Shavasana feels like a prayer.

#2. A few weeks ago I saw this. Go ahead, watch it. I'll wait. Happy people are grateful in the little things found in each day. I tend to loose those moments in the blur of my checklist lifestyle. During Lent I am going to slow down and find 3 things, no matter how trivial, that brought happiness to my day. For my first installment:
1. I woke up this morning actually feeling refreshed. I usually feel like a corpse in the
morning, so this was a welcomed start.

2. 2nd Grade. The class I had today just sang their little hearts out today and it was wonderful.

3. The giant mug of hot cocoa awaiting me. It has whipped cream. Nom nom.

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  1. Feck yes. It's awesome to have you back in the blogosphere!

    You eat the hell out of that whipped cream. Pony kisses. <3