Thursday, November 14, 2013

Math + Bacon = Miracles

Oh man, I love a good infographic. I also love bacon. The people at Wired get me.

The article Math Proves Bacon is a Miracle Food is an interesting data snapshot of the nearly 50,000 recipes on the Food Network website. Although I long ago lost interest in most things Food Network related (how many times can one watch two chefs in a head-to-head battle with only 20 minutes to make a lavish dinner for forty guests out of okra while on an underwater carousel...), this is an amusing glimpse at current recipe trends.

I followed the recommendation to read the review section for Rachael Ray' Late-Night Bacon Recipe. I generally avoid reading the comments on widely followed blogs and websites, since it usually results in elevated blood pressure, eye twitching, and my faith in humanity destroyed. This. Is. Hilarious. One of my favorites:
I had a recipe for Late Night Bacon that included "Footloose", but it took 107 minutes. This is much quicker and it, too, includes paper towels for easy cleanup. -GravyJefferson
Read more reviews here.

What are your thoughts? Does bacon make nearly everything better, even when cooked in a microwave?

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