Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Nest: White paint makes everything better

Yes, I am showing you my washroom. I will try my best to keep it as classy, and avoid potty humor. My washroom is small at approximately 4ft x 6.5ft. While it is neither luxurious nor glamorous, it is most certainly functional. Aesthetically, it needed some love.

Let's start in this corner. One towel rod and paper holder that look like this...

...and on the other wall, which is a whole 36'' way, a sloppily painted towel rod. Not thrilled with the mismatch of one painted fixture, two unpainted. 

Speaking of sloppy painting, check out the mirror on the back of the door. Quality workmanship. 


I love the classic hex-tile and old radiator heats up towels like a dream! The caulk, however, is old, dried out and just gross looking. Whomever applied this caulk also managed to get it all. over. everything. How do you even do that?

One rainy weekend I decided it was time to take on some of the little projects in the washroom.
First, I needed to pick out the right shade of white. All of the chips below are all technically white, and looked so on their own. Interesting how some look very pink, blue or tan when right next to other samples. The shade that best matched my bathroom was Nude by Behr. How fitting.

First thing I did was paint the medicine cabinet inside and out. Of course I properly cleaned the cabinet before starting with the paint. I forgot to take a proper "before" picture, but you can see how dingy the paint was. Blerg!

I finished the inside of the medicine cabinet with Jade, and new contact paper on the shelves. It feels so fresh and clean!

Next the towel and paper fixtures where properly painted. Three thin coats later and they were looking fantastic. I then removed the old paint from the metal fixtures with very warm water and an old Starbucks gift card. Once everything was dry I used a little baking soda paste to help polish the fixtures to a soft, brassy glow. Much better.

Then I took on the mirror, which was the easiest fix-up in the room. Two coats at ten minutes a pop, a twenty minute home improvement rarely looks so good. Simandl photo-bomb!

Simandl was very interested in the whole painting process, and spent most of the time perched here. Awkward, I know.

Mogget says,"Get on that caulk, lady!" I have yet to tackle the caulk. I have the supplies and hope to get to that soon. Now that everything else is freshened up, it is looks even worse by comparison. Ah, well.

What have you fixed-up in your nest?

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  1. LOVE it! I just did much of the same in our
    small, yet totally functional bathroom. I love a
    small bathroom,,,easier to keep clean.
    Now just hang some art:) ♥