Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Nest: More Proof

More proof that white paint makes everything better! This little wall shelf came from my grandma's house, where she had several of them to display various tchochkes. This particular shelf was tucked away in storage and was a bit beat up.  Like the washroom, I did not take a proper "before" photo. Bad blogger. Take my word though, not a precious piece of wooden furniture. You can find these for a few dollars at most flea markets. 

Before I began painting I scuffed up the finish with some fine grit sandpaper. After thoroughly wiping off the dust with a damp rag, I began the painting process. The first coat always looks like garbage. At this point one often wonders if this course of action was a mistake, or if it's too late to wipe the paint off. Have no fear! When painting over a dark color, it never looks pretty in the beginning.

Looking better after the second coat...

...and even more fantastic after the third. I put the little shelf up in the kitchen and I love it. The perfect place for small, often-used kitchen items, and keeps the garlic and onions out of reach of the cats. Yes, my cats will play with garlic. They are strange beasts. 

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