Friday, July 26, 2013

Fancy that Friday: That's Rad(ish)!

I'm way late to the quick pickle party, having tried it for the first time last summer. One can pickle just about thing, just ask Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversman. So when I wound up with a giant bunch of radishes last week, I decided to take a crack at pickling some.
Aren't they lovely?

The jar did not last long- perhaps 3 days. I used stuff I already had around the kitchen and I couldn't be happier with the results. My super precise recipe appears at the bottom of the post. Check out some other rad(ish) items inspired by the peppery little root!

I love getting mail that is made and sent by an actual human.
Make someone's day with this note card by Hello Sprout.

Sage life advice from lifeonmars.

This kitchen towel from the High Fiber Co. let's you dry your dishes in style. 

Fact: Cats love radishes... or radish shaped things full of nip from Hey Kitty Kitty.

I would venture that no being loves radishes more than a Fraggle. 
Happy Friday! Go dance your cares away!

Anna's precise quick pickle recipe:
Enough radishes to almost fill a mason jar- washed, trimmed and cut in half
Fresh dill- as much or as little as you like
Small handful (about 1/4 cup) chopped red onion
About 1 cup rice vinegar
Around 1 tbs sugar
A healthy dash (about 1 tps) kosher salt
peppercorns ( I once read a recipe that called for exactly 10 peppercorns. Too much work- I grab a pinch and call it a day)

1. Place radishes, onion and fresh dill into mason jar
2. Put rice vinegar, sugar, salt and peppercorns into a sauce pan over medium-low heat. Simmer until all sugar and salt is dissolved and the mixture nearly comes to a boil. Think small bubbles.
3. Pour liquid over radishes.
4. Allow the jar to cool down before putting the lid on and placing in the refrigerator.  Wait patiently for about 3 hours until enjoying the fruits (or roots) of your labor. Best if consumed within 5-7 days, if food actually lasts that long in your house.

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