Friday, August 9, 2013

Fancy that Friday: Aquatic Arts

Summer is not yet over, though back-to-school ads that are plastered everywhere have me feeling otherwise. There is still time to feel the sand between our toes and inhale the special air that is only found by open water. Let's escape to the shore together and enjoy some aquatic inspired art.

A meditative photograph from The Gingham Owl.

Colorful prints from Nicole Kristiana.

A little bit of solitude from Four Trees Photography

Can we talk about this vivid beauty by Leila Hijazi of Illustrated Ink? Amazing, yes?  Leila's entire Etsy store is a magical place full of Dia de los Muertos and old-school tattoo inspired work. Go check it out!

This is one of my favorites by Waterhouse, Circe Invidiosa

Cruise the Caribbean with this lithograph by the late Charley Harper

 Let's not forget the ultimate aquatic artist: Esther Williams. Swimming never looked so glamorous. Flowers, fountains and flames ahead! 

Happy Friday!

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