Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scenes from my weekend

1. Unwilling to share the scratching chaise, Carmen sat on it until Simandl grew bored. Total brat.
2. Tried a twist on my Dad's classic chicken noodle soup- added lemon, fresh parsley and a few bulbs of fennel, traded barley for the noodles.
3-4. A fabulous night at the Milwaukee Symphony. Ler & I were treated to complimentary tickets for a performance of a Mozart piano concerto & Bruckner Symphony No. 4. In my opinion the horn section was the highlight of the evening, followed closely by the hefty trombones & tuba. I do love me some romantic era epic brass. An added bonus was getting to chat at intermission with my former bass teacher. 
5. Sunday lunch with my brother, sister & mum. Followed by a decadent dessert of coffee & homemade truffles. That is not a photo filter- the truffles are just naturally that magical.
6. A gorgeous Sunday afternoon snowfall dusted everything in a fresh coat of white.

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